Range Safety

The following Club Range Regulations are set out to ensure users know the Range Layout and comply with Club Rules; Safety Procedures at the Ranges; and Range Commands. Read these Club Range Regulations prior to the use of any Range.

Many factors have to be considered by club executive to ensure they administer range activities in the safest manner possible by applying the use of safety rules and regulations and upgrading facilities as and when required. These Club Range Regulations are somewhat more detailed than a simple set of rules, and are designed so club members and other users have a ready reference as to club organization, administration, and how to conduct safe shooting.

Reference has been made to the Canadian Firearms Safety Course Student Handbook, published by authority of the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, 1994; The Guidelines for Construction of Small Arms Ranges prepared by Department of Justice; and Canadian Forces Range manual G-GL-304-003/TS-0A1 thus the Club Range Regulations are a reasoned approach to comply with the Firearms Act and Shooting Club and Range Regulations; and build on shooter knowledge and skills.

Prepared by: Robert Paddon, Chief Range Officer, April 19, 2008
Authorized by the Executive of the Ponoka Fish and Game Association, May 1, 2008

Annex A – Club Maps
Annex B -  CFO Shooting Club Approval
Annex C – CFO Rifle/Handgun Range Approval
Annex D – CFO Trap Range Approval

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