Club Rules

The hours of shooting are 8 AM to dusk, no later than 10 PM. No shooting is permitted when the club house grounds are rented. A notice shall be posted at the clubs main entrance.

The following is the schedule for organized shooting times during the summer months: after 6 PM:

Monday - Trap (May to August)
Tuesday - Pistol (May to September)
Wednesday - Archery (Mid March to September 1)
Thursday - Rifle (May to August)
Sunday - Trap (September 1- 5 PM)

If no organized shooting is taking place the other ranges maybe opened and used by the membership.

*New* Shotgun use on the rifle/pistol range is not allowed unless written permission is given by 2 Ponoka fish and game Executive Members. Permission slip is to be carried on your person while shooting shotguns. Any infraction to this rule you will be asked to leave the range and may lose your membership privileges.

Members and guests must sign-in in the activity register prior to use of a range. This register is located at the clubs main entrance. Have your club membership card with you and be prepared to show it to a Range Safety Officer. If you do NOT have your membership card you might be asked to leave the club property.

Check the activity bulletin board for any notices, scheduling, etc. that may limit or restrict use of a range. Check for range flags and NO-SHOOTING signs. 

During organized events attend any safety briefing prior to handling any firearms or archery equipment. 

Post all signs and flags; and close all gates as required in the Club Range Regulations.

The consumption of alcohol or being under the influence of alcohol, medication or drugs is prohibited during range use.

Members and guests are responsible for ensuring their firearms are properly registered, Firearm Licence are valid, appropriate permits such as an Authorization to Transport (ATT) are in their possession, and the transportation of firearms regulations are practiced.

Members may bring guests to the ranges. The members are responsible for briefing their guests on the Club Range Regulations and ensuring compliance with the rules. A maximum of three guest visits is permitted for any individual. Guests are under direct supervision of member, shooting one at a time, and occupying only one shooting position on the Rifle/Handgun Range.

For competitions, matches, and organized activities a designated Range Safety Officer is required and a briefing on Club Range Regulations is to be provided to ensure all participants are familiar and comply with the rules.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Children and pets must be under the direct supervision of their parents or guardians and shall not interfere in any range activity or constitute a safety hazard.

Range users shall comply with the Club Range Regulations; any Match/Competition Instruction; or direction from Range Safety Officers.

Abusive or foul language, harassment of Club/Range Officials, horseplay, or unsafe act is unacceptable conduct, and may result in loss of club membership.

From time to time, the Executive approves non-club use of range facilities, particularly in support of our local police forces. The support provided is within our capacity as a recreational and sporting activity as long as it provides minimal interference with membership use, and does not conflict with our Club Range Regulations. Application for use of range facilities is made in writing to the Rental Chair and Chief Range Officer, an agreed daily or hourly charge is established, Executive approval is sought, and a lease agreement is then signed.          

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