Range Commands

The basic range commands are as follows:


It means: Unload your firearms, put them down and step back behind the firing line.

The line is clear

It means: You may now go forward and check your target. No gun handling is allowed.

The range is active

It means: Load and fire upon your own time, be sure to reinstall your hearing protection.

Only the Range Safety Officer or if not available a Range Officer is to issue range commands. This eliminates any confusion and maintains control on the range. In case of an emergency (e.g. if dog or child runs across the range) anyone can yell “Cease-fire”.



Prove your firearms safe means:

P – Point your firearm in a safe direction.
R – Remove all ammunition.
O - Observe the chamber.
V – Verify the feed path for ammunition, including the magazine.
E – Examine the bore for obstructions.

When you unload your firearm you can just “PROVE” it safe

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