Range Layout

The Rifle/Handgun Range

The Rifle/Handgun Range consists of a building with an open front. Inside this building are six shooting benches. There are short walls separating the firing line from the cease-fire area. The down range area points south from the firing line towards the hill/dam which acts as the backstop. The furthest shooting distance is 108 metre. This is located across the creek at the bottom of the dam/road. The CFO Shooting Range approval is listed in Annex C to this document.

Shotguns with slugs or large shot e.g. buckshot may only be shot on the Rifle/Handgun Range when approved by the Chief Range Officer and only on a limited basis. .50 Calibre Browning Machine Gun rifle cartridges are not permitted on the Rifle/Handgun range.


The Rifleman’s Rodeo Range

The Rifleman’s Rodeo range is NOT a CFO approved range. This range consists of shooting points west of the rifle/pistol building. This range shoots up to 300 yard southeast towards Highway # 2. This range may only be used in special circumstances under the approval of the club executive.


The Trap Range

The Trap Range consists of two trap bunkers and pads which face east towards the Rifle/Handgun Range. The Rifle/Handgun Range falls in the danger template for the Trap Range. The Rifle/Handgun Range therefore cannot be operated while shooting is occurring on the Trap Range. The CFO Shooting Range approval is listed in Annex D to this document.

Only # 7 ½ and # 9 shot may be used on the Trap Range. No rifles or pistols may be shot at the Trap Range.


Archery Trails

Archery trails with simulated animal targets are placed the hills and bush of the club property. This Archery Range is located within the impact area of the Rifle/Handgun Range; and Trap Range. When the Archery Range is in use all other shooting ranges are closed and notices are posted to that effect.

The Archery Chair or his/her designate will account for all shooters on the Archery Range. The use of a sign-in log is recommended. Archery targets are to be shot only with a bow and arrow. Only arrows with target tips maybe shot at simulated animal targets. Targets are to be place to ensure adequate backstop and shooting positions designated for each target.

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